Hacker group threatens Thunder Bay police over assault of First Nations woman

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In regards to the on-going investigation of a brutal sexual assault against a First Nations woman in Thunder Bay in December, Thunder Bay Police Service has become the latest target of the hacker activist group Anonymous.
In a Youtube video posted on Jan. 22, Anonymous threatened to release “mountains of dirt” on the Thunder Bay Police Services if the assault case on a local First Nations woman is not taken more seriously.
Anonymous accuses the Thunder Bay Police Service of not taking the assault as seriously as they are claiming to.
In the video, Anonymous said they have set up a “secret nest right in the house of indignity that is Thunder Bay Police headquarters.”
“We see your piles of worthless paperwork relating to the kidnapping and rape and attempted murder of one of our Indigenous sisters,” the group stated.
During a community safety forum that took place in Jan.15, Thunder Bay Police Services (TBPS) claimed that there were five detectives working on the abduction and assault case.
As outed by the hacker group, TBPS now has only one detective on the case.
“We see you telling media outlets one thing, then doing another with your actions,” Anonymous said in the video. “Five officers on the case, we see through your lies. As of now only Detective Quarrel is on the case and he has decided to ignore it, like so many others.”
During a Direct Message conversation with Anonymous on Twitter – where the group directed media – the group told Wawatay that “one of our friends was told directly by Detective Quarrel that, while there was a mountain of evidence and initially five officers on the case, there are too many white males in Thunder Bay to go much further and they weren’t expecting more leads.”
TBPS confirmed that while there were five officers originally on the case, there is only one lead investigator working on it now.
Chris Adams, TBPS spokesperson, said more officers would be assigned to the case as needed.
In a media release TBPS stated it is aware of the video by Anonymous, and that the investigation referenced in the video is still being inspected.
“The members of the Thunder Bay Police Service work on behalf of the victims of crime. Speculative statements made through social media are just that, speculative,” the release stated.
Anonymous claims that it is prepared to launch what it has dubbed Operation Thunderbird on Jan. 28 if Thunder Bay Police Services do not work harder to solve the case. Anonymous threatens to release what they refer to as “mountains of dirt” on members of the Thunder Bay Police Services.
When asked through DM what brought the assault in Thunder Bay to the attention of the group, Anonymous replied that they “have been very involved with/paying attention to #IdleNoMore and learned about the rape at an Idle No More event. We have been following it closely ever since.”
Anonymous also stated that they think Canada’s refusal to take the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous Women with “anything approaching proper concern” makes the Thunder Bay assault case a “perfect situation or our researchers and media influence to make a huge and positive impact for our powerful and beautiful sisters.”

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