Grade 5 student spends day as chief of Lac Seul

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:21

A Grade 5 student spent the day as chief of Lac Seul after winning an essay contest.
Taylor-Ann Chisel was selected among her peers from Grades 5-8 at the Obishikokaang Elementary School to become Chief for a Day.
To begin her day as chief, Taylor-Ann was given the chance to speak on the school’s morning announcements.
Taylor-Ann then accompanied Chief Clifford Bull around the community to the various centres and one of his many meetings.
Prior to starting the day, Bull spoke to Taylor-Ann’s class about his roles, influences and responsibilities as chief.
“The main goal is to take pride in our community, our culture. We are laying the foundation so that you as the youth and future of our community will carry the torch proudly and continue to prosper our growing community.” Bull said to the class.
It was the first Chief for a Day event held in Lac Seul. The contest was organized by Grade 5 teacher Steven Korobanik, who said the aim was to “educate our children on our local government responsibilities and to take even more pride in their community.”
The essays were based on the students’ beliefs on what they would do if they were the chief of Lac Seul. In preparation for writing their essays, students were educated on the responsibilities of the chief for the three communities of Lac Seul, including Frenchman’s Head, Kejick Bay and Whitefish Bay.
They were also encouraged to think of ways they could continue to build pride and potential in their small community.
Korobanik said the event led to “first time a girl had been in a position of chief” of Lac Seul and hopes it encourages youth to pursue their goals and dreams regardless of their age or gender.
Taylor-Anne was announced as the winner on March 19 and also received a $25 iTunes card and other gifts from Lac Seul First Nation.