NADF engage forum focuses on social media

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65 Marketing account executive Doug Gorrie speaks about the importance of cellpohones during his Optimizing the Customer Journey in a Mobile First World presentation at Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund’s Engage 2017! Digital Media Summit. Photo by Rick Garrick.

Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund’s Engage 2017! Digital Media Summit focused on the use of digital marketing tools to manage and engage with on-line audiences.

“It’s more than just a website now,” says Brian Davey, NADF’s executive director. “It’s using all the social media platforms that are out there, like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube video.”

Davey says that organizations and businesses need to be knowledgeable about which social media platforms offer the type of clients or audiences they are looking to deliver their message to.

“There’s no point in advertising on Pinterest if it doesn’t make sense for (their) trucking company to go there,” Davey says. “The nice thing about some of these platforms, like for example Facebook, is they can target a specific city and (their) ad just shows up there.”

The summit featured presentations on Digital Marketing - Trends and Opportunities; The Impact of Technology and How Social Media Has Changed Our World; Proven 7-Step Formula To Growing Your Audience and Income; Hello, It's Me.....The Adele Guide to Doing Email; Optimizing the Customer Journey in a Mobile First World; SEO Plus: Learn How To Receive New Customers Through The Internet Almost Instantly; and The Social System: Using Social Media to Build Your Business. It was the second Engage summit offered by NADF.

“When it comes to using social media, the tricks are the same pretty much,” Davey says. “It’s just learning how to use that venue for putting information out there and getting responses. I think we all have to learn more about how to use these different platforms. What is the best way to keep your band membership informed. You’ve got to go to these types of platforms that are available because you will find a lot of our First Nation members are on these sites.”
Carol Audet, communications manager with Matawa First Nations Management, says Matawa has been using digital marketing to stay in touch with community members.

“Facebook is a really good means to communicate with them,” Audet says. “There are a lot of things that are happening in the digital world in terms of being innovative (and) I think that is something that organizations need to do.”
Audet says it is also important to understand who is using the social media sites and how to provide a better service to them.

“In our communities there are five out of the nine who do not have the broadband access right now so they don’t have the mobile usage,” Audet says.

Kristy Boucher, communications officer with Fort William, says her community is currently in the process of redeveloping their website.

“For me what is really important is making sure it is user friendly, so a lot of the things can be done easily from your phone,” Boucher says. “So whether it is submitting a housing application or an application for education, that people are able to just add in their information on their phone, click send and it gets immediately sent to the contact person at the administration office.”

Boucher says the presentation about using templates to make information more eye-catching was the most useful for her during the summit.

Doug Gorrie, account executive with 65 Marketing, spoke about how important cellphones have become to people during his Optimizing the Customer Journey in a Mobile First World presentation.

“This is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night,” Gorrie says. “While I was actually just sitting here, obviously paying attention but still on the clock, I sent out three proposals and closed three deals just from my phone without even needing to open my laptop.”

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Friday, March 17, 2017 - 01:30