John Gagnon

A Treatise On Addiction

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Writers are required to research and educate themselves on whatever topic they may be delving into. Many great writers have stated, “you can’t write about it if you haven’t lived it.” This may be true in many genres of writing, but not so much for academic and scientific. Academia and science use what is known as qualitative and quantitative research; qualitative research being interpretive and quantitative data ranked in units of measurements- dry and devoid of humanness, and the outcome is writing about other people and their issues.

Publisher’s Note

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Wawatay News will be 45 years old on January 21, 2019, and it is an honour to carry forward what our ancestors, Elders, current staff, admin and board have been working towards since its inception. In the spirit of furthering the mandate to ‘preserve and enhance’ the languages of the Nishinawbe Aski Nation, we must consider how we utilize our network. Ultimately it is our radio broadcasts that carry the responsibility of the mandate fully, and Wawatay News print and online has been predominantly produced in English with articles translated into syllabics.

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