Translation Services

Known for quick, efficient and accurate work, Wawatay is trusted for general translations as well as complex political, health, legal and industrial (mining, forestry) documents. We translate English documents into the Aboriginal languages of Northern Ontario of Ojibway and Ojicree. Printable documents can be produced in syllabic font or roman orthography. We can also translate documents from the Aboriginal languages into English. No project is too large or too small. Our translators have years of experience and have translated literally thousands of documents.


Translation Rates

Oji-Cree or Ojibway to English &
English to Oji-Cree or Ojibway

$1.25 per word (not including conjunctions)

Minimum charge $100.00 (50 words or less)



Miscellaneous Charges

All client-requested revisions are subject to a minimum $100.00 charge.

All file conversion and design services are quoted for each job at Design and Print Services standard rate of $150.00/hr (min. ½ hr).

Faxed or hand written submissions will be accepted but a charge of $100.00/hr (min. ½ hr) will be applied to have the file typed into a suitable format.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times can vary depending on current workload of translation staff and the complexity of the document. Contact the Sales Administrator for a quote and an estimated time for delivery.

“RUSH” turn around times also vary and are only quoted if the translation staff can accommodate the request based on current workload.


All translated documents are proofread before sent back to the client. If the translated document is being formatted by the client or a third party, Translation Services will review the client’s final layout in .pdf of .doc for formatting or “cut and paste” errors at no extra charge, if desired.

Acceptable File Formats

Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format or plain text (.txt or .rtf) format accepted. Text in the body of an email message can also be submitted. Other file formats (.ppt, .pdf, .ai, .indd, .qxd) may be accepted but are subject to a file conversion charge. Publisher (.pub) and WordPerfect (.wpd) are not accepted.

Preparing the File for Submission

Remove all elements (pictures and illustrations) that are not to be translated.

Remove all formatting. Select all text (Ctrl+A or +A) and click on “Clear Formatting” on the Styles Palette in Word.

Output Files

Wawatay Translations Services with provide the client with a plain text Microsoft Word document (.doc) and/or Adobe PDF in the desired language(s). Available output formats include syllabics, roman orthography and English plain text.



For more information or send your file for translation please email


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