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KO printing books for youth

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Keewaytinook Okimakanak plans to print public-domain books this summer for youth from its member communities.
“It is beneficial for the kids to have these books up there in order to have access to them,” said Renee Loyie, a Lakehead University student who is working on the On Demand Book Service (ODBS) project over the summer at Keewaytinook Okimakanak Research Institute (KORI) in Thunder Bay.

Healing promoted at NeChee Friendship Centre

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The NeChee Friendship Centre will soon be helping adults who plead guilty of minor crimes to rebuild their family and community relationships through traditional healing practices.
April 29, 2010: Volume 37 #9, Page A9
“We are going to be getting our first diversion in about a month and a half,” said Bob Albany, co-ordinator of NeChee Friendship Centre’s Aboriginal community justice program. “This program already exists in other areas in Ontario through the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres.”

Urban Aboriginals studied

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The recently released Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study found that about 25 per cent of non-Aboriginal people interviewed in Thunder Bay said their view of Aboriginal people has worsened.
April 29, 2010: Volume 37 #9, Page A9
“As human beings, when we go through hard times, our natural reaction is to blame the most visible group of people,” said Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Stan Beardy.
He said many people in Thunder Bay lost their jobs over the past few years and are frustrated because they are losing their homes and cannot provide security for their children.

‘Paramedic’al drama

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Adrien Sutherland enjoys using his paramedic skills to help people who are in a medical emergency.
April 29, 2010: Volume 37 #9, Page B13
“It is gratifying knowing you have helped somebody that is in need or distress or has been injured,” Sutherland said, explaining he is not looking for thanks when helping others. “I don’t think there is a paramedic who is out there that will say we do it because we want to get appreciated. We initially want to do it because we enjoy helping people.”

Take a spa day with Janet Furoy

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Janet Furoy is passionate about her Spa Euphoria & Wellness Retreat business.
“If you have the passion for it, you just have to go for it,” Furoy said, explaining why she went into the spa business in Thunder Bay after leaving her film industry career in Vancouver. “I love what I do, I love my clients. I love being my own boss. It’s very stressful but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Treaty No. 5 on display at Thunder Bay Art Gallery

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The original Treaty No. 5 and 1910 adhesion documents are now on display at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.
“This is a momentous occasion for us to be able to view one of the historic documents that is the basis to how we do business today,” Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Stan Beardy said. “This Treaty is a sacred agreement that created the current relationship we have with the Government of Canada.”

NAN refuses to recognize Far North Act

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Nishnawbe Aski Nation is concerned the Far North Act will take away potential opportunities for their communities on their traditional lands.
“It has been their understanding that it’s been their land for their use,” said Deputy Grand Chief Mike Metatawabin during an interview Sept. 24, a day after Bill 191 passed Third Reading in the Ontario legislature. “The communities want to be involved and want to participate in anything going on. This bill takes away any potential opportunities like that.”

Family loses home in Sandy Lake fire

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Donations are being accepted at the Sandy Lake band office for 11 community members who lost everything in an April 26 house fire.
"The house was completely burnt," said Sandy Lake Counc. Rusty Fiddler. "They just lost everything. They couldn't get anything when the fire started. They tried to get some of their belongings but there was no chance of going back there because the fire picked up so fast - they said within five minutes after they go out."
Two of the six children who escaped from the home had burns from drops of melting plastic on their arms, Fiddler said.


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