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Student death inquest continues in Thunder Bay

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Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler is calling for a fourth phase in the inquest into the deaths of seven Nishnawbe Aski Nation high school students in Thunder Bay to implement inquest recommendations. Photo by Rick Garrick

Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler is calling for an extension of the inquest into the deaths of seven NAN high school students in order to implement recommendations.

“Phase three, which I understand will be some time in March, is the development of the recommendations,” Fiddler says. “But NAN is saying there has to be a phase four as well. That is for all the parties to come together and agree on a course of action to implement all the recommendations that will result from this joint inquest.”

Lac Seul to host Northern Youth Hockey Championships

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Tournament organizers, Shera Wesley and Chris Lawson, at the Lac Seul Arena. Not pictured is committee member Sol Mamakwa. Photo by Blue Earth Photography
The Lac Seul Events Centre, which will host the 2016 Northern Youth Hockey Championships. Submitted photo

A Feb. 8-14 Northern Youth Hockey Championships tournament is being organized with games to be held in Lac Seul and Sioux Lookout during the annual education week.

“The northern communities have an education week and they have been coming out during that week for the past 10 years or so,” says Chris Lawson, one of three tournament organizers. “So we thought we would (hold a youth tournament) at the same time that they have the education week.”

First Nation leaders react to TRC’s final report

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Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler says the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action are a call to all Canadians, not just the provincial or federal governments.

“For the prime minister to publicly state their commitment is very encouraging,” Fiddler says. “That is something that we should all follow through as well. We all need to make that commitment to be a part of that reconciliation, to be part of that healing. We all need to move past this experience and for the sake of our children to build strong families and stronger, healthier communities.”

‘Wheel’ good donation

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Bikes going to North Spirit Lake
April 15, 2010: Volume 37 #8, Page B4
North Spirit Lake will soon receive a couple shipments of refurbished bicycles.
“We obviously need to fix them up, because they are not rideable in their current condition. A lot of them need either brakes or pedals or seats or chains or all of the above,” said Tammy Bobyk, executive director of Shkoday Abinojiiwak Obimiwedoon (Aboriginal Head Start) in Thunder Bay. “Our first goal is to get 50 to 75 fixed up and sent to North Spirit Lake.”

INAC to provide $3.8 million in fuel delivery subsidies

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Indian and Northern Affairs Canada is providing $3.8 million in fuel subsidies after Nishnawbe Aski Nation declared an emergency due to the early winter road closure.
“Our remote communities are facing extreme shortfalls of fuel to run schools and homes as well as a shortage in housing supplies for building and renovating,” said NAN Grand Chief Stan Beardy April 1 during the NAN Winter Chiefs Assembly.

Hundreds celebrate the creators

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Elliott Doxtater-Wynn strummed a custom-made guitar during the opening weekend of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery’s Celebrating the Creators exhibition.
“Ironically, half of our customers so far don’t even play the guitar,” said Lisa Hanson, who creates images on her husband Erick’s custom-made guitars and is one of 53 Aboriginal artists and craftspeople featured in the April 3-May 23 exhibition.

Roy Michano calls for mineral revenue sharing

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Pic River Chief Roy Michano is calling for revenue sharing for all future mineral resource developments.
“Employment is a given, training is a given,” Michano said during the second day of the 2010 Northwestern Ontario Mines & Minerals Symposium, held April 7-8 at the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay. “I feel it is important now that revenue sharing has got to be supreme in any of these agreements from now on that are done.”
Michano said revenue sharing would pave the way for self-sufficiency for community members and youth in the future.

Unusual weather causing concerns for leaders

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Kashechewan’s hunters are not bringing home enough geese to stock up for the coming summer months.
“Our freezers will be empty because of the poor hunting and warm weather,” said Kashechewan Deputy Chief William Sutherland, explaining his community has been affected both by the short winter road season and the lack of geese. “The geese are just flying through – they get a few here and there, just enough to eat once for one day.”
Kashechewan’s community members usually store food from the geese hunting season and the winter road season to get them through the summer months.

CAS youth gain confidence through Turtle concepts

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A group of Dilico and Children’s Aid Society youth gained confidence and self-esteem through a recent weekend event.
“We did a fashion show, we did pictures, we had our hair done, our face cleaned off, makeup done, all in preparation for the fashion show,” said James Fisher, a youth originally from Long Lake #58. “I’m very proud of myself.”

Concerns grow over rail survey

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Gravesite disturbances and other questions are being raised about the ongoing Ring of Fire railway survey.
April 29, 2010: Volume 37 #9, Page A16
While Marten Falls Chief Eli Moonias could not speak about the gravesite disturbances he had recently discovered in his traditional territory because a lawyer was currently looking into the issue, other leaders and chiefs in the Ring of Fire area spoke about their concerns with the incident.


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