Boats being used in Attawapiskat search and recovery

Create: 12/01/2015 - 19:42

The search for missing Attawapiskat hunter Ian Kamalatisit is still ongoing by concerned community members.
Chris Kataquapit has now taken over the role as the search and rescue co-ordinator as of April 22.
With the ice breakup of the Attawapiksat River, search efforts on the water have intensified with three boats patrolling the icy waters. Each boat has a three-man crew.
The boat search is a means to give weary ground search volunteers a much-needed break.
There still are at least ten people doing foot patrol searching, as well as ongoing aerial searches with two elders onboard to assist in search efforts, and to monitor the safety of the boat and ground crews.
The young 20 year-old hunter has been missing since April 15 when he failed to return home from a hunting trip. His snow machine was found submerged in the ice April 16, but there have been no signs of the young man.

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